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  • Bespoke Teams, Designed to Deliver.

    We give ambitious business leaders access to beautifully engineered consulting teams and on-demand experts.
  • The Traditional Model is Broken.

    We're changing the model. Forget unneeded politics and the land-and-expand tactics. This model is rooted around delivering value fast.
  • Why Compromise? Get the A-team.

    No more bodyshopping or lift-and-shift B-teams. Tap into a global on-demand workforce with a bias for getting the job done.

Need a world-class Transformation team?

We're radically challenging the outdated consulting model

Gradually but surely the traditional consulting model has become more fragile than agile. With a sea of sameness and entrenched in longstanding, outdated and over-bureaucratic structures, it now faces a new challenge... the individuals and expertise that once formed its backbone are dispersing, in-turn creating a market of insurgents - highly skilled individuals and teams, who are able to offer clients a more dynamic, flexible and value-driven relationship.

For Business leaders this means
it's time to fix up, look sharp & realise...

  • Without an A-team you've already compromised.
  • It's not your job to train the consultants. Focus on getting them to train your team.
  • Lift and shift methodologies will only see you sit level with the competition.
  • It's time to invest in focus, efficiency and effectiveness - not politics and wasted time.

Unlike others, our challenger consultancy doesn't employ anyone - there's no need.

Clients want the best for every given scenario and we can't employ them all.

Instead, our teams are completely handpicked.

Working collaboratively with clients and our inhouse talent team, we create beautifully engineered on-demand teams, giving business leaders access to a new source of talent, who are both aligned exactly to the challenge in hand and who have a bias for delivering impact fast.

  • 200Recruitment Consultants
  • 8European Offices

Get a beautifully engineered
consulting team

Ignata Consulting work hand-in-hand with over 200 talent sourcing specialists, utilising a global network to source and select exactly the right team for the job. As a business leader you can be as hands-on as you wish, however you're guaranteed an A-team.

Our five step approach.

  • 1. Challenge

    From the get-go, Ignata Consulting help get to the crix of the challenge, working with you and your team to fully understand the need, vision and success-criteria. This forms the foundation of our approach and enables us to start identifying how best to tackle the business challenge.

  • 2. Composition

    With the challenge defined, Ignata consulting will then help determine the optimum delivery model. This doesn't mean a 90 page slide deck... it simply means defining the 'fantasy team and engagement'. It also enables us to understand exisiting team dynamics and client resource, so we can ensure everything works like clockwork.

  • 3. Selection

    Next, Ignata Consulting source, select and secure the expertise need. Driven initially across our Associate community, this process is further reinforced by our 200 inhouse talent acquisition specialists, enabling us to identify market-leading expertise and project resource.

  • 4. Launch

    Always keen to be on the front-foot, Ignata Consulting then work closely with the client to ensure a impact-driven, efficient and effective delivery. Thes no silly lapsed set up costs and or over-priced partner costs - at this point it's simply about enabling our Associates to deliver great work.

  • 5. Review

    Integral to any project is a successful close. Ignata Consulting work closely with the client to plan the end of an engagement, ensuring knowledge and ownership is transferred effectively to the business, along with giving the client the opportunity assess the project with the team and provide feedback.

Yes it requires a change in mindset, but why risk getting left behind?

Organisations and leaders that embrace agility and develop on-demand project-based mindsets are best positioned to innovate faster and adapt more quickly to increasly dynamic and volatile market conditions. Meanwhile those in C-suite who continue to follow the status quo will be left behind before they know it.
The future of work is no longer on the horizon - it's here and it's already transforming your competitiors businesses.

Meet some of our Associates

Our Associate community is formed around a collection of ambitious entrepreneurs, experienced SMEs, former management consultants, academics and business leaders, all of whom share the desire to work with other brilliant individuals and help businesses tackle their biggest ambitions.

Our USP is our Associates,
and their reputation.

A community of extraordinary individuals, who love what they do and seek work with likeminded practitioners, and businesses leaders with parallel ambitions.
As a consultancy built firmly with the belief that people make the biggest difference in business, we pride ourselves on ensuring the lifeblood of our business is made up of exceptional individuals. Our Associates are not only high in knowledge capital and expertise, but also love what they do and have a relentless desire to help businesses and ambitious leaders tackle their biggest challenges.
Many of our Associates have held line positions and advisory/consultancy roles with companys such as...

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