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A constant quest for more brilliant people...

Built around extraordinary people, we hang our hat on bringing exceptional individuals and partners together to challenge the norm and provide our clients with knowledge, enthusiasm and results they would struggle to find elsewhere. Because of this we are on a constant quest to identify likeminded individuals and businesses, build new relationships and develop both our community and collaborative model.
We believe that great business starts with great people, and our job is to give our associates and partners a platform to do what they do best.
  • Are you an expert in your domain with the battle scars to prove it?
  • Are you an indvidual driven as much by forward-thing projects, as they are by financial reward?
  • Are you someone looking for a more people focused and value-centric consulting model?
  • Are you someone looking to grow something of your own or launch a consulting proposition of your own, but craving the backing, support and expertise of a likeminded partner?
"We founded Ignata Consulting to challenge conventional and outdated thinking by bringing together brilliant and likeminded people, who are not only high in knowledge capital and expertise, but also love what they do and have an relentless desire to help businesses and ambitious leaders tackle their biggest challenges. In our eyes we’re building a ecosystem that delivers formidable results for clients, while also elevating careers and building invaluable relationships” Ross Robinson - Managing Director

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Open Positions

  • Join our Associate Network

    The beating drum of Ignata Consulting

    With a firm appreciation that results are driven by a robust vision, relentless work ethic and most importantly, unique and passionate individuals, Ignata Consulting is on a constant quest to identify the right individuals to bring into the fold.

    Having previously been independent consultants ourselves, we’ve applied our insider knowledge and experience to design a consulting practice that is rooted around a cohort of great independent practitioners.

    While doing this, we’ve also ensured our model aligns to the work style they often pursue; therefore giving them the autonomy and ownership they crave as independents.

    We welcome introductions from those wishing to explore the opportunity of working with us and helping us to continue building our next-generation consultancy.

  • Partnerships & Community Co-Ordinator (Mayfair, London)

    Building our challenger voice.

    Founded by consultants, for consultants, we see ourselves as a community of challengers, dedicated to helping ambitious business leaders to tackle their biggest agendas by providing them with beautifully engineered consulting teams and handpicked on-demand experts, with a bias for getting the job done.

    Our approach to consulting requires a change in mindset.

    Unlike others, we don’t employ any consultants. There's no need. Clients want the best for every given scenario and Ignata Consulting can’t employ them all. Instead, utilising a global network of associates, along with over 200 recruitment partners, every individual is handpicked for the task in hand. The result… our client gets the A-team, perfectly aligned to both their business and the task in hand.

    This new and unconventional approach means we not only require extraordinary associates, but also an equally astonishing team to help orchestrate the business and ensure both our clients are blown away. A team who can ensure we have the right community of associates, who not only feel part of Ignata Consulting, but are also ingrained in everything we do and as much a part of growing the business as our management team.

    This is no easy task. Our associates are high in knowledge capital and often those who seek varied work, driven as much by forward-thinking projects, as they are by financial reward. Their experience means opportunity usually finds them fast and their desire for autonomy makes them people who are happy to move from consultancy to consultancy. Because of this and being that we built our business for these individuals, we not need to ensure we develop our associate community, culture, relationships and execution. This is fundamental to our business and forms the lifeblood of Ignata Consulting.

    To keep growing, embracing and developing our trailblazing associate community, we are now seeking a unique individual to come onboard and define, drive and execute our Associate strategy.

    A mission critical role, this individual will sit on the frontline, responsible for growing the backbone of our business, as well as taking a hands on approach to continuing to develop our consulting practice.

    Joining the team at such an early stage of growth, you will not only find yourself in the midst of an aggressive start up business, but also pulled into decisions and activities that will define our future direction and growth.

    Because of this and centre to our business purpose, you must be extraordinary.

    Growing relationships (Front & centre) - You will be a pillar for our associate community with your core responsibility growing, developing and enriching our associate relationships and partnerships. Your’ll therefore be someone happy to talk to anyone, with a talent for building rapport and intuitive in identifying opportunities.

    Go-to-market associate strategy - accountable for the planning through to execution of the go-to-market strategy. You can demonstrate a successful track record of similar tasks, including expanding people-centred initiatives, growing purpose and driving community cohesion.

    Ignata Consulting is only 8 months old and whilst we are a start up, we are part of the Ignata family, so think flexible working, competitive salary, and the autonomy to enable you to help shape the direction and destiny of a future-thinking consulting practice. You'll be joining us at a very early and exciting stage of our growth, and it goes without saying, we have an outstanding team across the business who are entrepreneurial in nature and driven by delivering great results - Join us.

    You only live once, make it count. Start a conversation with us.

  • LinkedIn Marketing Specialist - Freelance (Mayfair, London)

    A guru in highly-targetted and personalised LinkedIn Marketing

    Founded by consultants, for consultants, we see ourselves as a community of challengers, dedicated to helping ambitious business leaders to tackle their biggest agendas by providing them with beautifully engineered consulting teams and handpicked on-demand experts, with a bias for getting the job done.

    Our approach to consulting is new and fresh, meaning it’s crucial the right individuals know about us. Because of this, we are looking for a LinkedIn Marketing Specialist to help us develop, test and validate a LinkedIn marketing strategy.

    This role requires someone who has knowledge creating extremely personalised and relevant content for a range of target audiences on LinkedIn, while also being comfortable providing regular reporting to our team and assisting us in the ongoing iteration of our approach.

    Ideally, London-based, the right individual will initially be able to work on a freelance basis with our team.

    If you’re interested in hearing more, or know the right individual for the job, drop us a note and start the conversation.

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