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Changing The Model

We firmly believe the traditional consulting model is broken.

It's time for change.

Let’s face it, Management Consulting is a business model that has not changed in more than 100 years. Firms have continually executed the same model, over and over again, striving to land it in a better fashion than their predecessors and competitors. Now, as we and many other consultants and clients witness, project after project, cracks in the facade are starting to show - the traditional model has become outdated, slow, over-engineered and increasingly fragile…
Because of this and being consultants ourselves, we launched Ignata Consulting, a next-generation challenger consultancy which transforms the industries legacy approach to offer clients a next-generation consulting partner who puts, people, expertise, agility and impact at the forefront of its relationships.
For our clients this means...
  • No more body-shopped b-teams or bench team secondments.
  • No more jargon or clichéd management consultant talk.
  • You can wave goodbye to lift-and-shift methodologies and land-and-expand tactics.
  • It's time to forget those 90 page slide decks and recycled board packs.
  • You can be assured you're not paying for junior consultants to be paid on the job.
  • You can be certain our team are focused on you, and not their ladder-climbing targets.
Welcome to the new world. Working collaboratively with our clients and with the support of over 200 recruitment consultants, we've built a consulting practice that is challenging the status quo and competing with the giants... the difference is, for us it's all about extraordinary people, forward-thinking agendas and delivering impact, at speed.
unlike conventional consultancy partners

we don't employ anyone,
there is no need.

çlients want the best for every given scenario and Ignata Consulting can’t employ them all. Instead, utilising a global network of associates, along with over 200 recruitment partners, we build beautifully engineered consulting teams, where every individual is handpicked for the task in hand.
The result; our client gets the A-team, with a bias for getting the job done.
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Luke Williams OBE


Ross Robinson

Managing Director
Ignata Consulting

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Ignata & SF Group

Any Preston

Group Director

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