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Our History

We know talent.

At Ignata Consulting we are proud of our heritage. We have over 35 years of expertise in providing our clients with the right talent, at the right time and in the right way. Cutting our teeth on executive search and recruitment, we have highly developed ways of working to help source, assess, engage and bring the best possible talent to our clients’ businesses.
From somewhat humble beginnings, we are now over 200 talent professionals working in most of the world’s major economies. We have learnt that deep expertise in our various sector is a prerequisite to knowing and understanding our clients’ needs – we know the sectors and functions we are experts in and we stick to those. For all our people, working with talented people is our passion and why we come to work.

We welcome challenge.

We have spliced the recruitment DNA with our consulting DNA to create a modern generation consulting business. As recruiters we know where to find the talent, how to engage and how to keep the talent motivated and ‘sticky’ to us and to our clients. As management consultants we understand the business challenges that our clients are facing and how we can help them deconstruct these and develop plans and solutions that are realistic and achievable to tackle them.
When we bring the two together, we are able to bring clients exactly the right talent, quickly, to deliver the agreed solution. For our associates, it means we will only ever ask them to work on projects for which they have the perfect skill set and which match their own personal interests.